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Professional-Quality Sound
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Creativity and Technology From Field Recording to Post Production

I am a versatile composer, and an experienced sound designer for cinema, television, radio and web productions. My aim is to create distinctive sound textures

and memorable music scores that enhance your film, communication campaign, exhibit and music performance. In the past 15 years, I have been a team player for a large range of organizations from National Geographic and Discovery Channel to advertising agencies and social entrepreneurs. The result of these collaborations are sound productions that fit my partners' budget, timeline and greater vision. 


Great audio production begins before we hit ‘record’. In the pre-production of films, I develop an ear for your location scouting. I work hand in hand with directors and costume designers on planning the proper ways to mic a set and talents, according to action and wardrobe. Having a sound specialist involved in the pre-production minimize audio nightmares and speed up your production process.



Capturing audio on-set requires the proper equipment and experience in the entire film production process. Not only
I bring reliable audio gear, but I also create safeguards to capture clean or workable audio in all scenes. Redundancy and teamwork are key factors in audio production. I back up wireless mics, clean the set from noise interferences, record additional natural sound when audio environment changes, secure file backups, and make sure the audio realizes the director vision.


Your photography may be impeccable, but if the audio is poor your audience will disengage. I am an experienced sound designer who will craft the soundtrack that make your production stand out. As a guitarist and keen music technologist, I can combine live recorded instruments with a unique variety of digital sounds to produce original scores. In post-production, I provide an array of services, including sound design, foley, dialogue restoration, editing & noise reduction, and mixing.


Daniel is my #1 call for all things sound, whether it’s on-location recording for film, sound design, audio restoration or final mix in post. He always delivers quality and creativity that consistently raises the production values of my work.

Eric Rigaud



When it comes to sound editing and design, I can't think of anyone other than Daniel to handle my film projects. His professionalism and ability to work with others always exceeds my expectations. 

Tressa Azarel

Dany did an original score for a VR feature we created with NHK at MIT. He also did the sound mixing for the
In My Shoes series. In both cases he was an enormous asset to the team. 

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Cesar Hidalgo

I worked with Daniel in delivering nearly sixty episodes of a live music show for NatGeo, and in every case he delivered terrific sound and a great mix, on time and on budget.

John Aldrich
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Not only an amazing audio engineer, mixologist and brilliant musician, Daniel is a dream to work with. My clients are amazed of how the mix brings my edits to another level.  Not one time have my crazy demands spoiled his beautiful disposition.  

Regi Allen

Daniel brings creative magic to every project he touches, from music composition or sound design for an elaborate broadcast commercial to a simple mix for web content.

Tamino Castro


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